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2011 Winner

AMARA (Universal Subtitles)

United States of America

As human beings, language is our most important tool for communication. If you and I speak different languages, we are less able to connect. Universal Subtitles bridges this gap.

About the Project

AMARA (Universal Subtitles) is an innovative technology platform that combines the power of volunteers with the power of the open web. With the proliferation of video content on the Internet – content integral to our daily lives like news, education, political discourse, culture, and so much more – it is truly critical that everyone can access it. In less than a year, working with outstanding partners including PBS Newshour, Khan Academy, Mozilla, and Al Jazeera, Universal Subtitles has already garnered 40,000 completed subtitles, over a half a million video views per month, and over one million unique visits to its website.

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  1. January 30, 2012

    Universal Subtitles receives a $420,000 grant from CPB, NEWSHOUR Open Election 2012 to enable citizen volunteers to translate and caption 2012 election coverage into dozens of languages. Read more here https://interculturalinnovation.org/in-the-news/

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