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2012 4th Prize



This project is the first and only systematized Muslim volunteer sending program in the Philippines. Local young female and male Muslims are mobilized to work as volunteers in non-Muslim organizations to promote dialogue, understanding and development to non-Muslim and Muslim communities in Mindanao. They are empowered by channeling their participation into concrete activities, involving them in decision making and the peace process.

About the Project

Kapamagogopa (KI) was set up as an innovative approach aimed at addressing the problems besetting Mindanao and to provide professional opportunities for young female and male Muslims. KI has placed a total of 79 male and female volunteers who have contributed over 160,000 hours of voluntary work for peace and intercultural understanding. Former volunteers have become members of staff at development organizations, including International NGOs, across Mindanao which is clear evidence that the skills the volunteers develop will be harnessed for many years to come.

The project aims to address three issues: Anti-Muslim biases, poor governance and the continuing threat of conflict that results in an environment of discrimination where many young Muslims lack opportunities and feel powerless to bring change to their lives. Conversely, many Christian led development organizations have few or no Muslim staff and little knowledge of their culture and practices.

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