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Case Studies

Facilitating Informed and Safe Migration Among Vulnerable Nepalese Migrants along the Indo-Nepal Border

Manav Seva Sansthan “SEVA” is working along the Indo-Nepal cross border transit points to facilitate safe and informed migration among the vulnerable Nepalese migrants and combat human trafficking under the shadow of migration. The cross border transit model (life guard center) is an innovative and unique model of NGO and border army partnership to develop borders that are friendly to migrants, children and women.

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Everyday Racism

A world-first, Everyday Racism is a mobile phone app which challenges players to live a week in the life of an Aboriginal man, a Muslim woman, or an Indian student. Over the course of one week, participants receive texts, tweets, images and videos that will challenge their assumptions, enable them to better understand people from different cultures, and help them see the importance of speaking up when they witness racism. It offers a journey to intercultural understanding by walking in someone else’s shoes.

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Ordinary Heroes

Ordinary Heroes is a multimedia peacebuilding project that utilizes stories of rescuer behavior and moral courage to promote reconciliation and increase interethnic cooperation among Bosnian citizens and youth. The Ordinary Heroes project has been developed by the Post-Conflict Resource Center (PCRC) in collaboration with PROOF: Media for Social Justice, Pinch Media, the Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR), the Sarajevo School for Science and Technology, and the War Art Reporting and Memory Foundation (WARM).

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Lenguas Jóvenes (Languages of Youth)

Lenguas Jóvenes (Languages of Youth) is a project that fosters youth cultural expressions through mobile phones for intercultural dialogue. Puerta Joven, a youth-led organization, visits schools and community centers with young professional filmmakers to teach the use of arts and new technologies as a way to promote cultural interaction and appreciation of cultural diversity.

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Through Life with a Ball

Thanks to the pro-bono support of individuals from different parts of the world, Kickfair materials have been translated into Portuguese, French, Kiswahili, Arabic, Hebrew and Khmer providing the needed materials to partners in Brazil, Rwanda, Kenya, Palestine, Israel, Chile, Argentina, India and Cambodia.

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DiverseCity OnBoard

Around the world, we are increasingly realizing that excluding some of our people from leadership roles doesn’t just hurt those individuals – it holds us all back. In Canada’s largest city, Toronto, people from 140 countries now call this sprawling metropolis home. Half of Toronto residents were born outside of Canada. Yet a 2011 study found that just 14.5% of Toronto region’s leadership comprises minorities and under-represented immigrant groups. Which is why Maytree, a private Canadian foundation that promotes equity and diversity, launched DiverseCity onBoard.

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Irenia, Peace Games

“Living together in the Mediterranean” is a program of intercultural education workshops that use games as methodological tools. Workshops are 90 minutes each and are aimed at 8-12 years old pupils. Throughout a cycle of 4 years, students complete a total of 12 different workshops of 90 minutes in length spread over a school term. Final year students produce radio programs that are then broadcast by local stations, explain to the rest of their town what they have learnt. Some games used include: games and role plays; board games; life stories; working with images, cooperative games; social puppet theater; and crafts.

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