A partnership between
United Nations Alliance of Civilizations & BMW Group

Case Study:

Irenia, Peace Games

“Living together in the Mediterranean” is a program of intercultural education workshops that use games as methodological tools. Workshops are 90 minutes each and are aimed at 8-12 years old pupils. Throughout a cycle of 4 years, students complete a total of 12 different workshops of 90 minutes in length spread over a school term. Final year students produce radio programs that are then broadcast by local stations, explain to the rest of their town what they have learnt. Some games used include: games and role plays; board games; life stories; working with images, cooperative games; social puppet theater; and crafts.


After winning the Intercultural Innovation Award in 2011 and with the support of the UNAOC, BMW Group, Anna Lindh Foundation and the Youth in Action Programme of the European Commission, “Living together in the Mediterranean” has become a network of eight civil society organizations from Spain, Italy, Romania, Turkey, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt and Tunisia. The objectives of the network are the following:

  • To replicate the programme in those countries through several pilot projects
  • To set-up a network of organizations willing to continue working on peace education in a long term basis.

A key milestone was the capacity building seminar hosted by Irenia from October 19 to November 8, 2012. Irenia in collaboration with Servei Civil Internacional hosted 30 teachers from more than 10 Euro-Mediterranean countries in Berguedà (Barcelona, Spain) to learn more about the methodologies and materials used by Irenia and how to adapt them to their educational context. This international seminar was done under the auspices of the UNAOC and the BMW Group.


Josep-Miguel Alegret (coordinacio@irenia.net)