2013 4th Prize

Kapamagogopa Inc. about star


A Muslim organization working with partner institutions for the attainment of peaceful, self-reliant, multi-cultural and well developed communities through advocacy and volunteering.

About The Project

Kapamagogopa Inc. (KI) provides professional opportunities for young Muslim adults, giving them the chance to break social isolation and to work in multi-cultural environments. The project aims to break stereotypes of Muslims who are seen as individuals with no or little recognition for their skills or contribution towards development and peace building. KI has placed a total of 79 male and female volunteers who have contributed over 160,000 hours of voluntary work for better cross cultural relationships, community empowerment and poverty alleviation in Muslim and non-Muslim communities.

The project addresses three issues: Anti-Muslim biases, poor governance and the continuing threat of conflict that results in an environment of discrimination where many young Muslims lack opportunities and feel powerless to bring change to their lives.



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