All for Peace Radio Station

State of Palestine

Founded in January 2004, All for Peace Radio (AFP) is the only and longest-standing independent joint Israeli-Palestinian media outlet in the Middle East, broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to vast areas in Israel and the Palestinian Authority, via the 107.2 (Hebrew) and 87.8 FM (Arabic), online www.allforpeace.org, on Facebook, Icast and beyond.

About The Project

The radio station is dedicated to increase the positive role of media in introducing and strengthening democracy, civil societies and engaging in cultural exchange in Israel and the Palestinian Authority. The radio station has a established reputation and name-recognition with over 33,000 listeners monthly.

The radio station “Bridging Border Project” aims to utilize cultural radio programming and music as a means to bridge completely-alienated groups in Israel and the Palestinian Authority and introduce independent and open media dialogue that braves the current climate and offers moderate, less heightened and clear propaganda cultural content, current events’ analysis and personal stories.

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