Immigropoly is a unique Internet-based character-game which helps users understand about migration and integration in our global world, in particular among youth communities. It is not only a free-time activity, but also a versatile educational tool touching on various issues from the fields of Social Sciences.

About The Project

The IDResearch project by Immigropoly has grown as a grass-roots entity since its foundation in 2006 fostering creative initiatives and education activities connected with Africa, the Global South and cultures across the globe. The project aims to encourage openness towards immigrants in a European and global context and enhance intercultural dialogue in an indirect way.

All the activities of Immigropoly try to eliminate xenophobia and racism so as to extend integration and to encourage peaceful co-habitation. Immigropoly promotes the formation of an integrative society, as young people of the present will have to face an even larger issue of immigration in the coming decades.


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