2013 1st Prize

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Puerta Joven, a youth-led organization, visits schools and community centers with young professional filmmakers to teach the use of arts and new technologies as a way to promote cultural interaction and appreciation of cultural diversity.

About The Project

Lenguas Jóvenes (Languages of Youth) by Puerta Joven is a project that fosters youth cultural expressions through mobile phones for intercultural dialogue and cooperation.

Young professional filmmakers teach beneficiaries, aged twelve to twenty years old, how to use creative tools found in mobile phones (photo, audio and video) to develop short films. Young people from different cultural identities cooperate with each other to generate shared cultural expressions and convey their ideas about the youth civic engagement, cultural diversity and peace.

Lenguas Jóvenes serves urban communities where indigenous youth groups have migrated and are being discriminated because of their cultural identity. In addition, the program encourages freedom of expression and the right to not being discriminated against because of its exercise.



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