Search For Common Ground Morocco


Search For Common Ground – Morocco, with the support of the Swiss Embassy, created an innovative intercultural project using multimedia as a tool to enhance strong tensions between Moroccans and Sub-Saharan migrants.

About The Project

Search For Common Ground – Morocco promotes a culture of dialogue and mutual respect in which everybody’s voice is heard by strengthening the capacity of individuals, organizations, institutions, and the government to cooperate and constructively resolve conflict.

SFCG – Morocco brings together hundreds of young Moroccans and sub-Saharan migrants to learn about video making and multimedia. Participants are introduced to filming where they draft scenarios, direct music videos, and conduct interviews for documentaries. Moreover, during sessions individuals discuss matters of identities, stereotypes and prejudices, both on an individual level as well as in the media and society.

The videos are showcased at local screenings, in theaters, on football fields or at universities, gathering over 2,000 people in marginalized neighborhoods in Rabat and Casablanca. A selection of 37 videos are promoted online through the SFCG Maghreb Facebook page with over 12,000 fans and on YouTube with over 10,000 viewings within a short period of six months. Seven short movies were selected to be screened nationally during the Rabat Short Film Festival with 1,200 viewers, honoring particularly creative teams with the “Multimedia & Intercultural prize”, consisting of a trophy and the video cameras and computers, allowing them to continue to create and spread messages of positive intercultural relations.

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